-Personal project

I have discovered the world of watchmaking over the past couple of years and wanted to recreate a mechanism of my own. The lever escapement is the mechanism used to regulate time in the majority of mechanical wristwatches. At each swing of the balance wheel the gear train is allowed to advance a fixed amount, therefore moving the hands at a stead rate and keeping time. Watch the video I made below to see how it works...

The movements inside wristwatches tend to be made by skilled watchmakers using miniature components and precious metals. The mechanism I assembled was scaled up and 3D printed using a carbon fibre nylon composite (black components) and PLA (grey components).

front cover_edited.jpg

Total number of parts (not including fixtures) was 20, amounting to 30+ hours of printing. Issues with production included lack of mainspring stiffness which was solved by printing in different materials therefore changing material properties, as well as changing the geometry of some of the components. All four assembly drawings are below and credit for CAD files goes to Larky's Prints.

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