- First/Second year

- Group project

Electronics is a module that is run over two years, in which students are taught the basics of electronic circuits, sensors, mechatronics, signals, systems and control. The majority of the module's assessment is exam based however there is also a coursework element across each year.


The first year project was to program a single robot that would be capable of completing three tasks:

  1. Navigate its way around an obstacle course without crashing

  2. Drive around an arena using a smartphone to find specific 'rocks' using ultrasonic and infrared sensors

  3. Fire a ping pong ball into a goal for a 'penalty shootout' competition, using a smartphone for remote aim and trigger


The second year project also involved programming a robot, but this time a Segway that would be able to:

  1. Detect the beat of a song and independently dance to the music using programmed dance moves

  2. Self-balance with no stabilisers and compensate for introduced 'nudges' using PID control

Self balancing

Self navigating

Self dancing

Penalty shootout